Baby Quilts

I love making baby quilts. They’re small so they are quick projects. And they can be wildly colorful. At least as far as I’m concerned, they can be. There’s nothing that I dislike more in a baby quilt than something cute or pastel-y.

Here are some of what I’ve made for the friends and family in my life.

While the quilts may not be cute, D—’s names for them can be a little over the top. Council of Bunnies was made for one of our nephews. Sometimes the names have nothing to do with the design or the kid.

Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V were made for twins. One boy and one girl. The idea for the titles was outright stolen from the t-shirts of another friend who has twins. I didn’t want to be the deciding factor on which child got which quilt, so the colors are as interchangeable as I could make them.

In addition to not liking pastels or cute fabrics, I also do not like to make anything gender specific. I’m reminded of a pair of overalls that my cousin put on her little girl when she was a toddler. They were a Central American fabric with a bold stripe. LOVED them.

Purple Maze #1 is from a pattern called Hidden Wells. Naturally, I made too many squares. I think I just couldn’t decide what I wanted he final piece to look like. I made the remaining squares into a lap quilt for myself. It ended up being about twice the size of the baby quilt. I lucked out on that one.

Logan’s Pond can be seen in Quilt Sampler.

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