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Trip Around the World Quilt

Or how I can’t just seem to work on one project at a time.

Those of you who have been following along in the past few weeks know I am working on a T-shirt quilt for step-daughter M—. As interesting as it is, it is pretty dark overall. When I saw a package of pre-cut fabric strips with the tantalizing moniker of Sea Glass, I just had to have them. Not only are they pretty colors, but they are batiks. My absolute favorite kind of fabric to work with. It irons crisply which makes it easier to line up all the edges and points.


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The Guest Room – part 3

I guess it’s been more than a few months for me to get to the painting. We didn’t have any company coming so there was no real rush. I was just twitchy. But first M— came home for a few months, so I couldn’t use her room as a holding cell for all the furniture. Then I got sidetracked by her t-shirt quilt – and the Trip Around the World quilt – details to come on that one. But now I have a push for it. Besides the fact that I cannot stand an unfinished project, D—’s brother, sister-in-law, and mother are coming for a short stay in a few months. So I took a three day weekend and tore the room apart.

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I bet this isn’t the first image you expected to see for a post on these wonderfully buttery cookies. The truth is that I haven’t made them for years. We are trying to keep our sugar content lower (like THAT works real well – Not), but I had a special occasion. D— entered a painting in a local exhibit and was expected to bring a finger food for the reception. So I made snickerdoodles. Continue reading…

How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt the Hard Way (part 2)

On to sewing all the t-shirt pieces together. After choosing a background fabric, the first thing I did was to sew strips along the sides.


This is where the not measuring or doing much math came in. My goal was to section the design into blocks and sew each of those together. If the final design came out a little different in size than the original layout, then so be it. I guessed at the amount to go in between these first few and trimmed it back after I laid them all out on the floor. Continue reading…