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Sea Creature Block Printing

I’ve always loved the look of block printing. I made all our Christmas cards this past year, and it had me yearning to create a little set of beachy themed prints. It’s a very calming thing to design and cut a linoleum block. It’s not something that can be rushed since you’re working with sharp objects to cut the block.

So I settled on my favorite shapes for my first 2 prints. The plan is to do a series of six.

One of my other favorite things about block printing is that they don’t have to be a solid color even if it is a single block design. So I chose a few blended colors for the nautilus.

My other favorite thing is lobsters. I like eating them. And I like looking at them.

Each is 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 and mounted on a 5×7″ board. I made 10 of each and am selling them for $15. Or maybe I’ll just keep one set for myself!