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End of the Year Musings – 2015

So how was my year?

I didn’t finish the guest room yet. I still have to put the closet door on. I promise that’s at the top of my list for 2016. And my lovely dining room – which was done before the start of the blog – has a wall-to-wall that has GOT TO GO! So I feel the need to tackle those UFOs (unfinished objects) soon. Those are the first two. The rest of them aren’t really unfinished, because they haven’t been started. But they have been started inside my head. And that’s almost as bad. Continue reading…

Trip Around the World – One Year Later

I began a pretty green quilt for myself about a year ago. It was something I was doing in-between other projects. As a result, it took waaaaaay longer to finish than many of my other quilts. But finished it is.

I pinned all the layers together at the beginning of April and here it is June. Felt like longer!


I should have taken a picture with all the safety pins in it. They always look so punk that way.

Continue reading…

The Guest Room – Part 5

Let’s recap. We bought our house in 2006. It was built in 1978. Prior to our taking ownership, I don’t think very much had been changed. I did discover a second layer of vinyl flooring when I did the entry. And we suspect the windows were replaced at some point, although they could stand it again. But other than that, probably not much.

It has taken me until this year to finally get to the guest room. The very first room we did was M’s bedroom. She was in her Junior year of high school, and we knew she wouldn’t be living with us much longer, so we wanted to make sure she was comfortable for the time she was here.

So back to the guest room…it had burnt orange carpet with bleach stains. It had the same delightful brown “woodwork” – and I use that term loosely – as the hallway, and it had cream walls. Now, while there is nothing wrong with cream walls if they have a striking baseboard and window frame to spice them up, this certainly didn’t. Here are a few pictures to remind you what it started out looking like. Continue reading…

How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt the Hard Way (part 2)

On to sewing all the t-shirt pieces together. After choosing a background fabric, the first thing I did was to sew strips along the sides.


This is where the not measuring or doing much math came in. My goal was to section the design into blocks and sew each of those together. If the final design came out a little different in size than the original layout, then so be it. I guessed at the amount to go in between these first few and trimmed it back after I laid them all out on the floor. Continue reading…

How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt the Hard Way

The Pile

The Pile

A few weeks ago my lovely step-daughter moved to Denver with her boyfriend. Great to see her grow up, but I feel really conflicted about having her so far away. Anywhere I have to get on a plane to go to is far away. They piled a ton of stuff into 2 cars and off they went. In her wake, she left some t-shirts that have meant a lot to her, and she just couldn’t see giving them to the thrift store or throwing them out. Dedicated step-mom that I am, I said, “Keep them. I can turn them into a quilt for you. One, two, three.” I’d made one for a friend a few years ago and there was nothing to it. Continue reading…

Yellow & Gray Quilt – part 3

I’ve been plugging along on the quilt for our guest bedroom. Life has intervened somewhat – big surprise – and my quilting space, as wonderful as it is, is a little small to lay out all the squares, even on the floor. I tried moving over to D—’s side of the basement, but he has guitars, drums, mic stands, you name it over there. And I could still only find room to lay out about half of it.

IMG_5908 IMG_5907 Continure reading…