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The Entry Hall

The Original Vinyl Tile

The Original Vinyl Tile

The vinyl tile floor in our entry way was serviceable enough when we moved in to this house, but who really wants the look of a kitchen in the front hall? So I set my annual project to bring the cherry flooring that was in the back of the house to the front.

We already had a supply of cherry flooring from a few years ago when we had the kitchen/family room redone. We used contractors for that. A whoooooole ‘nuther story. And I had put down the floor in M—’s room so I would have practice when a bigger job came along.

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The Upstairs Hall

This is what I call a small weekend project. The whole look of the hallway is changed just by painting the woodwork. These pictures show the hallway before. It’s your typical 1970s pre-fab hollow core doors in a disgusting shade of walnut brown. Nothing like it to make the area feel like a cave.


The only door I actually removed was the linen closet bi-fold. Much easier to paint the edges and this was one where the back might show. Continue reading…