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Back to the Half-Bath

You know how when you look at a project that you’ve finished and you breathe a sigh of relief that it’s all done? Well, maybe you don’t. I do. But then I generally find something else to pick at. This time I am sure I’m done.

Last May I remodeled our half-bath. Down to the walls. I think the only thing we kept was the mirror – which we had cut down and put a new frame on – and the medicine cabinet.

mirror cut and framed

mirror cut and framed

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The Upstairs Hall

This is what I call a small weekend project. The whole look of the hallway is changed just by painting the woodwork. These pictures show the hallway before. It’s your typical 1970s pre-fab hollow core doors in a disgusting shade of walnut brown. Nothing like it to make the area feel like a cave.


The only door I actually removed was the linen closet bi-fold. Much easier to paint the edges and this was one where the back might show. Continue reading…