You’re Never Too Old

The other day, I went to bed with a raging headache. My usual remedy is to put ice on my head, and I did that too. But D— thought I needed a little more. He brought me my oldest friend in the world. The only person who has known me longer is my mother.

Meet Aloysius P. Monahan.


Why I gave him that name, I have no idea. And because I couldn’t spell when I was small, to me he was Alowishus. I’ve had him since I was 4 months old. So he’s a little the worse for wear.

The next morning I realized that there were several spots on the poor guy that needed stitching up. I would expect that of anyone that old in teddy bear years.

If you look closely you can see that he’s been repaired in the same spots several times before. This means that our days of sleeping together are probably over. I sewed him back together as tightly as I could without tearing any more of his fabric.

Now he can spend out the rest of his days gazing out at the world.


Maybe with some company…IMG_4956

Nighty night.

3 thoughts on “You’re Never Too Old

  1. Mom

    Though he’s squishy,
    Still is cute as cute can be!
    With a hug from A. P. Monahan
    Hope that headache just done gone ‘n’ ran…

    Well, A. A. Milne does it better, but Grandma Pat sure knew the value of a bear as well as he did.

    1. Kathy P.

      for me it’s from stuffed Belle doll—aka Snoopy’s sister. She’s been with me since college and when the world is going to hell I curl up in my bed with her and remember the good days.


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