End of the Year Musings – 2015

So how was my year?

I didn’t finish the guest room yet. I still have to put the closet door on. I promise that’s at the top of my list for 2016. And my lovely dining room – which was done before the start of the blog – has a wall-to-wall that has GOT TO GO! So I feel the need to tackle those UFOs (unfinished objects) soon. Those are the first two. The rest of them aren’t really unfinished, because they haven’t been started. But they have been started inside my head. And that’s almost as bad.

I did a little decorating on the fence that our neighbor put up a few years ago. I bought the windows over that previous year; painted the old window boxes last year; built the support brackets for the window boxes; and put in little pots of flowers.

I made some really great food that I didn’t take pictures of as I was making them. I did, however, take pictures of the finished dishes in many cases. So here’s a little gallery of some of them.

I also had a few quilting projects that didn’t make the page. So here’s a gallery of those.

I cleaned up the garage and built a rack to get all those oddball pieces of wood off the floor.

All bolted into the wall studs.

All bolted into the wall studs. I should’ve made the fronts taller, but I can always change them out if I want to. Built from the very scraps I designed them to hold.

Here are a few other highlights from my crazy year:

D— and I went on a 11 day excursion to the Hudson River Valley to do some pumpkin carving events. He is a professional pumpkin carver extraordinaire. Especially in September and October. I made some plush pumpkins and earrings to sell and went along. I sold out of my earrings and about half of my little punkins. I like them too. They’re cute and cuddly. It’s just one of those shapes that I have grown to be overly fond of…like bowls. I have a real thing for ceramic bowls too. But I digress.

We both spent some time puttering around with a new website for Genoa Soap. I figured if I could do this blog, then surely I could design my own website, because after all, it’s just that easy. Well, no. It isn’t. But it certainly has been educational. It looks pretty good – just click on the icon in the sidebar here – and take a look for yourself. I’m hoping to boost my online sales a little  with all the updates.

I had a few little medical things like having cysts removed from my right elbow and another one from inside my ear. Not gangs of fun but not debilitating either. The elbow thing did limit my projecting (that’s a word, right?) for about 6 weeks. That was in the middle of the summer though, and I’m totally back on the horse now!

Post elbow surgery napping in the backyard.

Post elbow surgery napping in the backyard.

I’m not a believer in New Year’s resolutions, but I do like to set myself some goals. So I have the UFOs and a hope to do better about sharing all the stuff I get myself into in the next year.

Happy New Year to All!

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