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The Guest Room – Part 5

Let’s recap. We bought our house in 2006. It was built in 1978. Prior to our taking ownership, I don’t think very much had been changed. I did discover a second layer of vinyl flooring when I did the entry. And we suspect the windows were replaced at some point, although they could stand it again. But other than that, probably not much.

It has taken me until this year to finally get to the guest room. The very first room we did was M’s bedroom. She was in her Junior year of high school, and we knew she wouldn’t be living with us much longer, so we wanted to make sure she was comfortable for the time she was here.

So back to the guest room…it had burnt orange carpet with bleach stains. It had the same delightful brown “woodwork” – and I use that term loosely – as the hallway, and it had cream walls. Now, while there is nothing wrong with cream walls if they have a striking baseboard and window frame to spice them up, this certainly didn’t. Here are a few pictures to remind you what it started out looking like. Continue reading…

The Guest Room – part 4

We’re in the home stretch. When I left off, the room was stripped down to the bones, but there was no color yet. Now there is color.

Continue reading…

The Guest Room – part 2

Ta Da! The curtains are done. The rod gave me fits though. After I finished the curtains, I hung them on the rod and, while arranging the folds, gave it a bit too much of a tug. And pulled one entire support out of the wall. Four days later, after much spackle and sanding, I put it up again. But since I was impatient to show it to you, I put it in the same place I’d just patched. Brilliant. So it stayed up long enough to post the pictures but that’s about it. I’m going to move the brackets out an inch, but I promise not to bore you with those details. In the meantime, here’s how I got the curtains done… Continue reading…