The Guest Room – part 4

We’re in the home stretch. When I left off, the room was stripped down to the bones, but there was no color yet. Now there is color.

While it’s true that the lighting is pretty yellow, so is the room now. And the woodwork and inside the closet is very white. There are actually two whites here. The wall is a flat white – the last of what we used for the back porch – and all the woodwork is semi-gloss.

There is also a window frame.

There are three different types of moulding here. I wanted it to look as traditional as possible. Most windows have a sill that extends beyond the lower part of the frame. Since this doesn’t, I tried to give it that illusion. The bottom is flat. The sides have a bit of shape. And the top is a larger version of the sides. But since it would have looked funny to have the skinny part of the top moulding butting up against the fat part of the sides, I had to build up behind the top to push it out a little. It may not make much sense here, but I assure you, it makes a difference in the overall look. I’ll take a close up picture and put it in the next post.

Next Monday the carpet will be installed. That’s not something I’m willing to tackle. Then I can put in my super duper closet system and move all the furniture back. The closet doors will have to wait for a few months. Other projects call. Besides, I’m going to want to show off the new closet for a little while.

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