Yellow & Gray Quilt – part 3

I’ve been plugging along on the quilt for our guest bedroom. Life has intervened somewhat – big surprise – and my quilting space, as wonderful as it is, is a little small to lay out all the squares, even on the floor. I tried moving over to D—’s side of the basement, but he has guitars, drums, mic stands, you name it over there. And I could still only find room to lay out about half of it.

IMG_5908 IMG_5907

I discovered the expected in the process. Namely, I didn’t make enough side triangles. Or they aren’t in the right color group – light on one side, yellow on the other or dark and yellow.

Close-up of Design Wall

Close-up of Design Wall

My original idea was to have a secondary pattern of yellow bands going one way and white going another. (Arrangement in the above picture.) Sort of like a lattice work. But that put the black triangles on opposite sides sometimes and didn’t really create what I was going for. D— took one look at it and said his eyes couldn’t focus. So I put all the black triangles in the upper right and…ta da!IMG_5913Next step is to get all the side pieces done and the bands sewn together. Almost there.

And today my curtain fabric is supposed to arrive. That’ll be another subject altogether. Bet you can’t wait to come and visit, right?

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